About Machine Embroidery Applique Designed for Die Cuts

Welcome to machine embroidery applique designed to be used in quilts. You will find the stitching is smooth and soft enough to be quilted by hand or machine. The appliques are cut using the Accuquilt die cutting system which makes it very easy, quick, and accurate. Once you use die shapes for machine embroidery applique, you will never want to do applique any other way.

The embroidery sets sold here are designed for die cut shapes. All of the designs on this website are sold as downloadable digital files and include complete instructions and embroidery specifications. Photos show examples of the embroidery; the description will tell you the exact number of different embroidery files included in each set.

The formats provided should be able to be converted to any embroidery machine. If you have any problems with the conversion, please contact us through the home page.

Basic Instructions:
On your embroidery machine, each file will stitch a placement line and then stop. At this point you will remove the hoop from the machine and attach the die shape onto the placement line. Do not remove the fabric from the hoop when attaching the applique shape to the background fabric. Your applique can be attached in two ways: using fusible web or using Elmer’s school glue stick (the purple one).

Once the applique shape is attached to the background fabric, replace the embroidery hoop on the machine and continue until the embroidery is finished. I prefer to use only one thread color most of the time, but stops are built into each file so that you can change threads for each part of the embroidery if desired.